Explore the world of FPGAs with Lattice.

If you are new to FPGAs or new to Lattice, this is the perfect place to start.

New to FPGA & Lattice
Basic . 5hrs 48mins
3 Credit
New to FPGAs and not sure where to start? This is the perfect Learning Plan for you! Start with the fundamentals of digital logic design, which are the basic building blocks of FPGAs. Explore basic Lattice FPGA architectures, and learn how to translate your design into an FPGA implementation. Get hands-on experience as you journey from simple digital circuit exercises, all the way to tutorials that guide you in developing a full design using Lattice software tools.
Lattice In a Nutshell
Basic . 1hr 30mins
Learn all about Lattice Semiconductor in this ultra-condensed plan! Get an overview of Lattice FPGAs, development tools, solution stacks, and available resources so you can get a bird's-eye view of everything you need to start a project.


Looking for something to enhance your FPGA development journey?
These learning plans contain information and techniques specially collated to augment your skills.

Essential Developer Techniques
Advanced . 2hrs 56mins
3 Credit
Growing as an FPGA developer? This Learning Plan collects essential techniques that can help you as you get more established at developing with Lattice FPGAs. Explore the design and timing constraints methodology more thoroughly. Then, get a more detailed understanding of FPGA programing and configuration. As you are building more complex designs, fully leverage ModelSim to simulate and verify your design.
Developing with CertusPro-NX
Advanced . 4hrs 45mins
4 Credit
CertusPro-NX is one of Lattice’s most advanced general-purpose FPGA. With this Learning Plan, get to know the CertusPro-NX device and development techniques more intimately so you can fully maximize this FPGA as you develop your solution. Start by diving into the device architecture, where we reveal features available and architecture details to help you optimize the usage of each block. Learn about the configuration and programming features available on the Nexus FPGAs. Then dive into specific use cases such as using the external memory interfaces and implementing the PCIe protocol stack. Explore the CertusPro-NX Evaluation Board, which can help you with rapid prototyping and testing of your design. And when you are ready to design a board for your FPGA, review the Hardware Checklist to complete your development journey.


Interested in how FPGAs can be used for your next cutting-edge innovation?

These Learning Plans deep-dive into utilizing Lattice to create solutions for your specific application space.

Lattice for Security
Advanced . 3hrs 33mins
3 Credit
A paradigm shift in security is happening – see what it takes to make your systems secure and resilient. Get to know the Control and Security FPGA product portfolio from Lattice, and discover Lattice’s Sentry Solution Stack which provides a complete toolkit for you to develop a Platform Firmware Resiliency (PFR) implementation. Learn fundamentals on how to establish a Platform Root of Trust (PRoT), explore IPs and building blocks for your design, and take a walk through the design implementation and debug steps.


Learning plans to get you started with Lattice and serve our customers better.

Lattice New Employees
Intermediate . 7hrs 38mins
Welcome to Lattice! Get an overview of Lattice's various FPGA product lines, go deeper into the architecture of one of the FPGAs built on the Nexus platform, and learn all about the main design software tools for Lattice, Radiant and Propel. This course assumes you have a fundamental understanding of FPGAs. If not, you may begin with the New to FPGA & Lattice Learning Plan first.
FAEs New to Lattice
Intermediate . 9hrs 23mins
To get you well versed with Lattice, this Learning Plan provides an overview of all of Lattice's FPGA Product Lines, then goes over the fundamentals of Lattice's design software tools: Radiant, Diamond, and Propel. Also included are board development guidelines as reference when guiding customers who are developing a board that contains Lattice FPGAs. This course assumes you have a fundamental understanding of FPGAs. If not, you may begin with the New to FPGA & Lattice Learning Plan first.
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