Lattice Board Overview

Preview the evaluation boards, development kits, and demonstrations that can inspire ideas for your upcoming FPGA project.

CertusPro-NX Evaluation Board Overview
Basic . 09mins
Introducing the CertusPro-NX Evaluation Board. Learn about flexible features that can help you with rapid prototyping and testing of your design, or for you to evaluate the features of the CertusPro-NX 100K LC FPGA.
Overview of Lattice Development Boards & Kits
Basic . 09mins
Explore the development boards and kits available with Lattice FPGAs. These boards make it easy for designers to develop solutions using Lattice FPGAs, and is a convenient platform for rapid prototyping and testing of your designs. Select the Lattice device of your interest to get a brief overview of what’s available, and the features supported on the development boards.

Board Development for Lattice FPGA

These courses provide you fundamentals on what to consider as you are developing a board that contains a Lattice FPGA.

Board Development for CertusPro-NX
Intermediate . 26mins
1 Credit
Introducing the Hardware Checklist, which provides critical hardware implementation recommendations to assist in your FPGA board design. Learn about various considerations as you design a board for your FPGA, such as power design, configuration considerations, and handling sensitive pins. Note: In this course, we use CertusPro-NX as an example of the FPGA we are designing for. However, the board design and development guidelines apply conceptually to any FPGA board you are developing.

Advanced Board Techniques

Experiencing challenges as you are building a solution that fits on your board? In these trainings, we explore and share more advanced techniques to help with your evaluation and board design process.

Power Calculator & Power Optimization Techniques
Intermediate . 1hr 20mins
1 Credit
Unlock Lattice's Low-Power FPGA Advantage: As FPGA densities and integration levels continue to rise, optimizing your designs for power efficiency is crucial. This course offers an in-depth exploration of FPGA power consumption mechanics, power estimation tools, optimization techniques, and head-to-head power calculations against the competition. Join us and unlock the secrets of FPGA power optimization!
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