Developing with ORAN Solution Stack
Intermediate · 1hr 15mins
1 Credit
Lattice ORAN Solution Stack covers the timing and synchronization requirements needed in various 3GPP/ORAN split deployment topologies. Discover how this solution stack provides secure and flexible synchronization based on the IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and various International Telecommunication Union (ITU) profiles. Multiple timing sources (DPLL/OCXO, and GNSS), PCIe Gen 2/3, and 10G Ethernet are supported. This course goes over wide aspects of the ORAN solution stack including how to configure and setup for the IEEE 1588 PTP and various ITU-T profiles, achieving time, frequency, and phase synchronization.
RISC-V Solutions with Lattice
Advanced · 1hr 32mins
2 Credit
Whether you're new to RISC-V or a seasoned expert looking to integrate RISC-V into your FPGA solution, this course is tailored for you. It covers comprehensive RISC-V specifications, including the user-level instruction set architecture (ISA), privileged architecture, Control and Status Registers (CSRs) and more. You will explore the RISC-V models supported on Lattice IP Cores and how their features align with the RISC-V specifications. The course culminates with a demonstration of implementing RISC-V on Lattice hardware, providing hands-on reinforcement of the concepts learned.
Ethernet Solutions with Lattice
Advanced · 1hr 40mins
2 Credit
In this course, you will learn all about the essential architecture components and building blocks of the Ethernet protocol. Discover how to implement 10 Gigabit Ethernet using Lattice devices, including practical design-related features and tools. This course includes a demo using CertusPro-NX that takes you through each step of the implementation, from IP configuration, to design constraints, to simulation.
Developing with sensAI Solution Stack: Utilizing sensAI Studio
Intermediate · 1hr 24mins
1 Credit
Welcome to Lattice's SensAI Studio course, where we invite you to accelerate your AI/ML application development on Lattice FPGAs. Learn about sensAI Studio’s easy-to-navigate user interface, jump start your development with the library of AI models that can be configured and trained for popular use cases, then easily port them to your targeted Lattice device. Using the Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) framework, you will learn about the innovative tools available on sensAI Studio that can help with building datasets, training your AI models, and managing collaborations within your team.
Embedded Vision: Applications, Use Cases
Basic · 2mins
Take a look at embedded vision applications and how you can use Lattice FPGAs in embedded vision designs for bridging, aggregation, and processing needs.
AI for Edge Computing: Introduction to Lattice sensAI Solution Stack
Basic · 20mins
Learn about solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for edge computing. Find out why Lattice FPGAs are perfect for processing AI workloads for edge devices and discover Lattice’s sensAI Solution Stack, a complete stack of everything you need to develop an FPGA-based Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) solution.
PCIe Solutions with Lattice
Advanced · 2hrs
2 Credit
Interested in implementing PCIe using Lattice FPGAs? This course covers the fundamentals of the PCIe protocol, including understanding the PCIe protocol stack, how packet construction, link training, and enumeration is performed, and interrupt & error handling. Find out how you can configure the Lattice IPs to build a PCIe solution and get debug tips for resolving common issues.
Approaching Industry 4.0 with Lattice Automate Solution Stack
Basic · 17mins
What is Industry 4.0 and its megatrends? Explore the challenges of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and learn about the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA). See how Lattice is addressing these industrial needs, and get introduced to the Lattice Automate Solution Stack, which provides everything you need to develop the next generation factory automation solution.
Security Overview: Introduction to Lattice Sentry Solution Stack & Lattice SupplyGuard
Basic · 52mins
A paradigm shift in security is happening right now. Find out the evolving risks and understand fundamentals on what it takes to make your systems secure and resilient. Learn about Lattice’s Sentry Solution Stack and MachXO FPGAs and discover the complete toolkit that includes everything you need to develop a Platform Firmware Resiliency (PFR) implementation.
AI: Solutions – Low Power, Always-On
Basic · 6mins
Discover how Lattice fits into various applications that require FPGA & AI processing, low power, and always-on capabilities. In this module we present examples for client computing applications.
AI: Why FPGA for Edge AI
Basic · 3mins
Find out why Lattice FPGAs are perfect for processing AI workloads for edge devices.
Lattice: Security Leadership
Basic · 1mins
This module summarizes where Lattice is leading in security: with Root of Trust (RoT) devices, pioneering in cyber resilience, and a novel mechanism for supply chain security.
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