Security Updates
Advanced . 1hr 11mins
In this presentation, a demo for Server Architecture for Security in the form of DC-SCM with/without PFR will be presented. Next, a detailed implementation flow for SupplyGuard will be presented and demoed.
Power Calculator Usage
Advanced . 48mins
This presentation covers the fundamentals of power consumption, then goes into the Power Calculator tool and usage. This includes the various modes, techniques to optimize power, and a hands-on session on utilizing the Power Calculator.
Avant – DDR5 & LPDDR4
Advanced . 26mins
This presentation provides an overview of LPDDR4/DDR4/DDR5 differences, then goes over a hands-on training on the full development process for implementing a LPDDR4 design on CP-NX.  The hands-on portion covers IP parameters, constraints, simulation, and debug.
PCIe Updates
Advanced . 46mins
This presentation provides an introduction to PCIe, a comparison of features supported on Avant vs. Nexus, and learnings from current PCIe issues.  It incorporates a demo of debugging a link-up issue, and includes a hands-on session to build a testbench from scratch.
Radiant & Propel Tools
Advanced . 2hrs 03mins
This presentation covers all updates for Radiant and Propel 2022.1, including updates from the Avant SW bash, known issues and major issues resolved.  It incorporates hands-on training and demo for selected new features such as Block Based Design, timing report updated, Reveal Controller’s User Register Function and Simulation Models, Propel’s modular design simplification and AXI IP creation.  The advanced SDC and timing closure best practices will also be covered.
Embedded System Design using Propel
Advanced . 1hr 39mins
This presentation covers the embedded system design flow, a Linker Script walk-through, and a guide to FreeRTOS. For each topic, hands-on training will be incorporated, including creating an embedded system using Propel, developing a linker, and running FreeRTOS.  
Aerospace and Defense
Basic . 39mins
This session shares the A/D trends, new application for Avant in Software Defined Radios focusing on value selling in SDR. The second part will focus on value selling In traditional UAV, Guidance and Space applications and demonstrate how to lead with our unique strength.
Compute Strategy: Winning in Server
Basic . 1hr 01mins
This session covers the Lattice solutions for varied server use case, the evolution of security requirements, and value of Lattice solution in future servers.
Basic . 27mins
This session details key security topics including using security as the door opener along with trends to secure the wire, control and datapath. Other market tends covered include 5G disaggregated and virtual RAN, Open-RAN opening opportunities in Flexible Fronthaul and making Avant big in Small Cell.
Double Impact with Latest Automotive Devices
Basic . 50mins
This session shares the latest Lattice devices for Automotive and potential application including success stories from the regions. Furthermore, it will explore potential use-cases for Avant in the Automotive space and give an update on the Automotive Stack and the strategy for 2023.
Double Down Soft IP/Stacks
Basic . 32mins
Soft IP and solution stacks are integral part of our growth strategy across all segments.  In this session, learn how we are expanding our soft IP portfolio support for key horizontal technologies, enhancing the applications support and ease-of-use of our solution stacks, and growing our partner eco-system to complement our offerings and scale our customer engagements.
Value Based Pricing Strategy
Basic . 37mins
This session discussions selling the value of the Lattice portfolio including, maintaining pricing power, Longevity, Value-added services, Design Services Best Practices, and Field Success Stories
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